Young man 21, dies after drinking a protein shake Adding Caffeine powder to it. “It’s just insane that something so dangerous is so readily available”

Lachlan Foote, 21, came home after celebrating new years eve. He was set to celebrate his 22nd birthday, the next day. He never managed to get to his birthday.

Lachlan Foote, protein powder

His body was found on the bathroom floor in his own home. His death was associated with drinking a protein shake, however after the latest coroner’s report it was shown that Lachlan passed away from caffeine toxicity.

His dad went on to wrote a lenghtly letter on facebook in an attempt to prevent future accidents like this from ever happening again.

The young man’s dad said that the coroner proved that caffeine toxicity was responsible for the death of his son, as oppose to any problem with a batched protein product.

Lachlan had added a teaspoon of caffeine powder to his protein shake which is an equivalent of 50 coffees.

The pure caffeine powder was given to him by someone, and in an innocent fashion he used the mix to get himself out of a hangover. Not having the packet for the caffeine powder he didn’t get a chance to read the warning on the label.  He was unaware of the danger of pure caffeine powder and he even left it near the kitchen where it could have easily been mistaken for flour.

 It is reveled trough some messages that Lachlan texted some friend saying that the protein shake was not to his liking and that something was off. Soon after that it is believed that he passed away on the bathroom floor.

Lachlan’s dad implored people to be careful about what they keep in their cupboards and to educate their friends and children of the dangers of such a readily available material. Caffeine powder looks exactly like any other white powder, but a teaspoon of it can be enough to cause death.