Update: World’s Fittest Grandma Body Builder Celebrating Her 82nd Birthday

Two years ago Ernestine celebrated her 80th birthday. Not much has change since the last two years, her health and looks have remained well below her age bracket.

Many people feel that if they have hit their 50’s it might be too late to start working out. Ernestine is an example of the opposite. She started working out at 56 and has been consistent with her routine.

On a regular day, she wakes up early at 2:30 am and has her meditation and morning routine. She then goes on a run outside. At 7:30 she is in the gym working out, and she stays there to teach classes until 11:30. She then goes home for a lunch break and some family time with her husband. Later on in the day she goes to the gym to teach another group class.

Her start into the health and wellness world was with her gym buddy, her sister. They committed to become the most seasoned work out sisters, and to reach the Guinness world record. Unfortunately her sister had passed away soon after that commitment.

Ernestine had some difficulty maintaining motivation, and had faltered in the past. However after a bout with hypertension, she used the promise made to her sister to continue with the goal. She is now in the Guinness world record for the most seasoned weightlifter on the planet.

Earnestine is 82 years old and she did not start working out until 56. Remember it is never too late to change your lifestyle and live a good quality of life even in your late age.