This Is How Sand Looks Magnified Up To 300 Times

Sand can be boring and very monotone from an outside perspective. However Dr. Greenberg has been aiming to change that perspective. He has been taking photographs of grain of sand with a zoom up to 300 magnified. His microscopic photographs have shown how each grain of sand is beautiful and unique.

Dr. Greenberg has an interesting life. He was responsible for patenting the Microscope 3D high definition camera. It is a microscope that was invented by Dr. Greenberg and he has been using it to take amazing images of miniscule materials. He has a background in biomedical field where he became a PhD. He was also a photographer and filmmaker until the age of 33. Combining both of his interested he had natural inclination to start taking amazing unique photos of grains of sand.

Dr. Greenberg is located in Hawaii and most of his material used in the photographs is from there. Microscopic look at the grain of sand will reveal a whole new world. Rocks, minerals and marine environment have all been broken down by the power of nature, rain and wind, freezing and thawing cycles which makes for unique and amazing particles. Every beach will have different mix of those remnants and each grain of sand on that beach will be unique.