when China Demands Names of Airline’s Employees Who Protested, CEO Lists Only Himself

Hong Kong protests have been going strong for 11 weeks at the moment and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time soon.

Supporters of the anti-extradition bill, are praising former Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg, after he took a moral stand in protecting his employees at the expense of his own position.

The bill itself is meant to allow people to be detained in Hong Kong and to be extradited in other countries such as mainland China. This has caused uproar in Hong Kong because they believe this gives mainland China a bigger jurisdiction over Hong Kong.  Some of Cathay Pacific employees were protesting the bill.

Beijin authorities asked Hogg to hand over a list of Cathay Pacific employees who had taken part in the recent anti extradition bill protests in Hong Kong.

Instead of betraying his employees and endangering their safety, he only gave them a list with one name on it, Rupert Hogg.

Rupert Hogg, didn’t back down from doing the right thing even with consequences starring him right in his face.

Hoggs resignation was most likely due to pressure from the Beijin authorities, a career for nearly 2 decades was ended on August 16 when he resigned.

The stand that he took has created a a buzz around social media where people are appreciative that he stood to such power.