Study Shows Nearly Half of CBD Users Are Able to Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals

The Brightfield Group did the largest study regarding cannabidiol and pharmaceutical drugs where it compared the effects and opinions of patients regarding their ailments.

The study covered a large group of HelloMD’s community, where 55 percent were women. The outcomes showed that men favored THC related products over CBD related products.

Patients that were struggling with insomnia, depression, anxiety, nervousness, and arthritic pain were the main source of the pool in the research group.


Dr. Solomon the Chief Medical Officer explained that there is a significant increase in CBD products adoption for treating ailments, especially in the female population.

Pain killers such as tylenol and ibupforen were reportedly eliminated by 42 percent of the subjects involved in the study, and were indeed replaced with CBD related products.

80 percent of the cohort were satisfied with the products and claimed that CBD was effective for them.

The market for CBD products is still new and there is room for growth in a market that is dominated by pharmaceutical products. CBD products can exponentially grow in the market and raise the activity of daily living for many individuals.

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Nearly Half of CBD Users No Longer Need Other Meds, Study Finds

Study Shows Nearly Half of CBD Users Are Able to Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals