Study: Higher Omega-3 Fat Status Linked To Better Brain Blood Flow, Improved Mental Performance and Reduced Markers for Future-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

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It has been long known that omega 3 is good for brain health. The latest research looks into blood flow in the brain in correlation to omega 3 concentrations in the body. SPECT scan was used to determine 128 regions in the brain. Researchers know many of the areas of the brain and their uses. They determined the areas for depression, mental cognition and dementia, memory and learning.

The study showed that people with lower omega 3 fatty acids in their body have less blood flow in the key areas responsible for Alzheimer’s, and the group that had a higher level of omega 3 fatty acids had a better flow in those same areas.

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We already know that omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for decrease in the tangling and build up of plaques in the brain. This new information about blood flow just strengthens the argument for dosage of omega 3 to decrease the chance of future Alzheimer’s.

The amount needed to protect oneself from Alzheimer disease based on latest evidence is 400 mg  of omega 3 (EPA also known as eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA also known as docosahexaenoic acid).  Therefore fish oil could be a good supplement to try and apply in your routine.

Source: Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease  May 19, 2017,