It’s Raining in the Amazon Forest, Which is Slowing Down the Fire in Some Areas

Amazon Rainforest fire weather

The world ‘s oxygen provider is in flame and in most intense blazes for a decade.This year has been reported 74000 whildfires and the 10000 of those in the last week only.

The situation is very urgent and and the French President asked G7 to put pressure on Brasil’s President to increase help to Brazilian Army and take tough action to battle the fires.

Starting from July to November is dry season for the Amazon rainforest. World has to take action to protect and save the Amazon rainforest where  there is 1 million indigenous people and 3 million plant and animal species.

Amazon Rainforest fire weather

Rain season starts from mid of December and finish mid of May. Due to massive  forest and wide area, the climate varies. In some area rain started and give some hope to help combat the fires, but still the situation is extremely urgent and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.